Coursmos - A Learning Platform Offering Micro-Learning Courses for the “Generation Distracted”

Coursmos - A learning platform offering micro-learning courses for the “generation distracted”

Today, one of the worry of the parents and teachers that they are bringing-up a generation of children in front of screens and their brains are different. They require a unique way of learning and studying.

Micro-learning is a good way to teach today's generation. Coursmos is the new educational platform that is specifically designed for "Generation Distracted".

Co-founder Coursmos Pavel Dmitriev says, “People have a desire to learn, but most MOOCs are set up similar to offline, classroom-held courses. We think the answer is providing a platform for the same quality of online courses, but in smaller, more manageable chunks that learners can do on their own time without the intimidating time commitment that comes with most MOOCs"

The micro- learning courses on Coursmos are divided into small and handy chunks. These chunks are minutes-long lessons that can be seen using smartphone. With Coursmos, one can get personalized learning experience that can be perfectly combined with any curriculum.

How Does it Work?

The unit of this learning platform is micro-course. Micro course is a format that has seven video lessons of three minutes each. Here are some steps how to use Coursmos.

Step 1: Surf our micro-course offerings

Step 2: Create your course anywhere in 15 minutes or less

Step 3: Connect and link micro-lessons to create learning cloud

Step 4: Search micro-courses to find the exact answer to your question

Step 5: Easy micro-course request with “Want more” button

On Coursmos, you can find out course under various categories like business, technology, art & photography, sports, travel, lifestyle, health & beauty, etc.

Why to Use Coursmos?

A lot of reasons contribute why you should use Coursmos. Some are:

  • Micro-courses can be easily created using web as well as mobile application (Android and iOS)
  • All the micro-course can be allied with other courses to form a knowledge base for any field
  • Users can request micro-courses on specific subjects
  • Add or record video using phone with mobile app
  • Courses are paid as well as free.

Coursmos is one of the best platforms for this generation; a wonderful app for to educate “distracted generation”.

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