San Francisco-based Homeschooling Startup Primer Raises $3.7M to Transform Kids Learning Experience

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Primer, a homeschooling startup based in San Francisco, has raised $3.7 million to help parents give their kids a tailored education at home, the company has announced recently.

The seed round was led by Keith Rabois at Founders Fund, and participated by a group of investors, including Lachy Groom, Naval Ravikant, Jed York, Cyan Bannister, John Danner, Jonathan Swanson, Linda Xie, Kevin Kwok, Jake Zeller, Eugene Wei, Julia DeWahl, Erik Torenberg, Village Global, JD Ross, Jack Altman, Dan Romero, Scott Belsky, Balaji Srinivasan, Emilie Choi, Fred Ehrsam, Harry Stebbings, David Perell, Tyler Willis, Patrick McKenzie, and more, according to the company.

Primer is building a new kind of education company. It aims to build the learning experience every kid deserves and help the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, creative, and learn to think for themselves; by providing parents with tools and resources that can simplify the process of giving their kids a tailored education at home.

Announcing the funding and all things about the startup, the company wrote in a blog post,

“Every kid deserves access to learning environments like the ones we experienced (the founders were homeschooled) and those we have yet to dream up, but these opportunities aren’t evenly distributed. Homeschooling can be a powerful vehicle for unlocking these environments, but it requires enormous effort from parents.”

Stating that there are 2.4 million homeschoolers in the US, and in-home education has grown consistently for three decades – despite the challenges of getting started, navigating curriculum, and finding the right peer communities, the company added,

“This market is tragically underserved by technology, making homeschooling less accessible and forcing each family to reinvent the wheel. Collectively, we are not accumulating any of the insights families learn through their experience. This is the challenge we’re solving at Primer.”

While Primer isn’t offering a dedicated curriculum, the startup has been building tools to help parents acquaint themselves with what’s out there. It has already rolled out a pair of free homeschooling resources for parents – Primer Library, a collection of top educational resources curated by its team, and Navigator, a tool to help parents stay compliant with state regulations for homeschooling their kids. Besides these, Primer has also been working on its product, a series of interest-based communities designed for students, with built-in homeschooling compliance for parents. The startup said the communities will begin rolling out this August. Kids can join communities tied to their interests (spanning topics like chess, baking, rockets, physics, etc), and collaborate on Primer-designed projects with other students with instruction from experts.

According to TechCrunch, the startup hasn’t finalized the pricing, but said it plans to charge a monthly subscription fee membership to the communities.

Meanwhile, the startup said in the same blog post that next year it will roll out several more products that deliver everything parents need to give their children an exceptional homeschooling experience.

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