Aptipedia: One Stop Solution for Aptitude Tests and Practice Exercises

Aptipedia is an initiative by ChalkStreet and is powered by FACE, India’s best aptitude training company.

Aptipedia is a free online resource of articles and tests on various concepts across Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning. The Knowledge base consists of over 60+ concept articles and the Testgym has over 2500 practice questions across practice exercises and 35 Mock tests. Aptipedia is a one-stop learning solution to help students prepare for competitive exams and recruitment drives.

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Aptitude tests are one of the major hurdles one needs to cross to land a dream job. Often, these tests are considered as mass eliminators. Currently, there aren't many resources available to prepare. Even though there are quite a few popular sites, they aren't well-structured or they are available at a price which is often not very affordable.

Aptipedia solves this problem. Any student who is aiming to crack competitive exams or placement tests can undoubtedly start from here.

Structurally, Aptipedia is divided into two sections. Knowledgebase and Testgym. The user interface is seamless and the student can easily switch between the knowledgebase and testgym. The content and the tests on Aptipedia have been created by FACE (Focus Academy for Career Enhancement), India's best aptitude training company. This is a learning initiative where thousands of students preparing for placements and competitive exams can access quality content for free.

The Knowledgebase of Aptipedia has over 60 concept articles which cover various topics across Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning. Aptipedia encourages peer to peer learning with the help of discussions on each article.

One can test the concepts learned, instantly using the Testgym. It has over 30 practice exercises across all the topics of aptitude. Another feature of Testgym is that it comes with 35 Mock tests, which are timed and the interface is designed to stimulate a test-taking environment. A student will have access to the results, solutions, and analytics for the purpose of assessment which will help the student prepare better.

With Aptitude concepts, tests and practice exercises for free, they believe a huge number of students can benefit.


The home page of the site shows user the option to opt for either knowledgebase or Testgym. To start with knowledgebase, to learn about the various concepts user can select a category from Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. Also, there is a search bar on top of the page next to which you can chose from mode of study that is via articles or courses. Every course/article that you study highlights relevant exercises that will help you get a complete hold on the topic.

The other portion, Testgym is meant to help you check the concepts that you’ve learnt. User can opt from the categories Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning or go for mock test. To access the mock tests, user must sign up on the platform however the other test doesn’t require a mandatory signup. The mock test series consist of more than 30 tests. This paper checks your knowledge of Quants, Logic and Verbal ability. It is a timed test that consists of 60 questions with negative marking.


Aptipedia is an open resource available to students who are preparing for competitive exams, placement tests etc… and is free of cost.

Our review:

In our opinion, Aptipedia is a good way to learn and prepare for competitive tests. The knowledgebase covers all the concepts and helps you learn the topics in and out. The tests offered by the platform not just give you an insight about the level of preparation but also explains the reasons for the right answers so that users can understand the topic completely.

The mock test series consist of more than 30 tests. This paper checks your knowledge of Quants, Logic and Verbal ability. It is a timed test that consists of 60 questions with negative marking to give you a real feel as well as prepare you in a realistic manner.

Share your experience of learning with Aptipedia in the comment section below. 

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