Check Your Grammar for Free With Slick Write

How does one sharpen their grammar skills to write error free content?

Writers get confronted with this important question. Here comes the solution. It is known as Slick Write, and it is a free website and browser extension which works as a helpful online editor and grammar checking tool.

The more writers analyze, the better it is for them to improve their writing skills and this online tool exactly does that to help writers avoid redundant mistakes in their content. Writing is no easy a task, and even the best of writers are prone to odd errors. And thus with the help of Slick Write, the writers can now figure out mistakes such as grammatical errors, spelling errors, pitfalls in sentence flow and other errors in the content.

The tool provides an insight into the structure of the content by breaking up paragraphs and sentences in a unique and informative way. The ‘stat’ page highlights and summarizes the potential problems statistically so that writers can refer them to correct the issues one by one.

With so many useful proofreading features available in the tool, let’s check out how to start using the tool to draft an error free content fast, easy and simple. Check the video link mentioned below-

Benefits of Slick Write

The tool helps in refining writing and obtaining feedback on the flow, style, structure, readability, word frequencies and redundant phrases in the content.

2.    It is no ordinary grammar checker tool but offers a projection of the flow of one’s writing and sentence styles.

3.    It also highlights weak descriptions, too many prepositional phrases used in the sentence, clichés and unusual words.

4.    It is a handy and resourceful critique of one’s work on an extensive scale. It saves the time of the writers by highlighting mistakes within color coded structure. So the author does not need to go through the entire piece time and again but directly rectify the areas under color codes.

5.    The best part of the tool is that users do not need to sign up or divulge their email address to receive feedback.

Our observation about the Tool

We found Slick Write as a helpful aid and recommend it to be used by not just the students or teachers, but for every person who look for a professional proofreading assistance to resolve challenge of writing a well-structured and grammatically correct draft. The tool will indeed help every person to improvise their writing, provided they abide by the statistics this tool offers after proofreading each draft.

Writing is not as difficult as editing one’s work is and by using this tool, a hell lot of time is saved at the end of the day. With its simple proofreading process, the tool offers a complete picture of flaws and area of improvement in the draft. From spelling errors to structure & style of writing, the tool guides an individual to resolve writing defects. So with a myriad, if options and benefits of the tool, one can surely raise the standard of their content. Try out, Slick Write today and experience its benefits to understand its worth personally.

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