Startup Helping With Virtual Face-to-Face Mock Interviews for Students and Job Seekers

Virtual Face-to-Face Mock Interviews for Students and Job Seekers

There comes a stage when we all have to come out in the world and present ourselves in certain way to get the best opportunities for the betterment of our own.

Interviews are an important part of one’s life. Right before getting into college we have to appear for interviews to present ourselves and once done with higher education we have to get familiar with this “not so easy” moment as fear takes over the mind game and may land us in despair of failure. With this kind of importance that they hold in our lives, practicing all by oneself is not sufficient that we all do. This cool platform, Interview Buddy offers virtual face-to-face mock interviews to students and job seekers with industry experts to train, prepare & practice interviewing in a stress-free, no-pressure environment.

Pain Points/Needs:

Conference Info; Job & Candidate Search; Online Courses; Professional Development; Question & Answer; Student Assessments; Tutoring; Video Conferencing.


It’s a Web based platform.


The platform is pretty easy to use. Users simply have to register by mentioning few details and you’re good to go.

Step1: Signup on the website. After confirmation of enrollment, you get access to the learning material.

Step2: Date & Time of the interview is scheduled. You're assigned to an expert interviewer.

Step3: Detailed performance Feedback & tailor made preparation module to help you excel.

With every next step, user gets the extended help to make sure that they are being able to deliver the best in real time interviews. The video interview is followed by the expert giving feedback on the performance of the candidate. After the session, the candidate is sent his interview scorecard with the metrics (body language, communication, etc) of his performance and a link to the recording of the session. The candidate can always prime his interview etiquette with their repository of curated & handcrafted preparation tips.

Pricing and Additional benefits:

They've three pricing options:

Hobby – INR 1099 for one interview session.

Regular – INR 1899 for two interview sessions.

Performance – INR 2399 for three interview sessions.

Duration of each session is 25-30 minutes and the minimum waiting period to book a session is 48 hours. However, the priority booking allows user to book any session that is available after the next 4 hours and within time period of 48 hour.

Additional benefits:

- In-depth analysis of the candidate's profile.

- Expert's feedback and tips on improving performance.

- Interview performance report.

- Link to the recording of the session.

- Access to resources.

Pros of using Interview Buddy:

- Curated Resources:

Prime-up your interview skills & etiquette by accessing the best hand-crafted and curated content by Interview Buddy covering every aspect of the interview cycle.

- Interview Scorecard:

Get a detailed interview scorecard with metrics based on your performance and a comprehensive feedback with insights into your strengths & areas that need improvement.

- Playback Your Session:

The video interviewing system auto records your session so that you can refer to it anytime. You’ll receive a link to the recording of the session within 36 hours.

- No Software Downloads:

If you have access to a computer / tablet and an internet connection, you’re ready to use our service. You’ll never need any downloading.


Interview Buddy offers virtual face-to-face mock interviews to students and job seekers. They can connect with industry experts anytime, on-demand and train, prepare & practice interviewing in a stress-free, no-pressure environment that simulates a real-life job interview.

Our Review:

They believe that the term - Mock Interview is overused & undervalued by students without realizing the importance it plays in achieving one's dream placement. Interview Buddy simplifies the process of mock interviewing & finding credible resource to practice with. The platform is good for students aspiring jobs and are hesitant to appear for the interviews as it gives you a chance to clear the air and feel confident. However, we do miss the lack of app as the same can make things mobile and more accessible. But the company speaks of it under rapid development and promises to bring it ASAP in the market.


Check out this video below to get a feel of the platform:

Share your views and experience of the tool with us in the comment section below. 

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