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Description:- BabyTV is an Online TV Channel for small kids to learn their curriculum in a better, animated and exciting manner by easily accessing games, puzzles, books either online or on their TV sets. 

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online TV Channels for Kids
  2. Online Knowledge Centre for Kids

Platform:- Web, Android, IPhone and IPad

Usability:- BabyTv is an easy to use platform for small kids, parents and teachers that provides online animated learning resources. BabyTv is a TV channel which is run and managed by FOX International channels and is also available in digital TV connection in all countries but on selected service providers (the list is available online). The online platform is free and has the translation feature to deliver content in user’s preferred language. The site features content like learning programmes, games, stories, rhymes, puzzle books, etc. All the content here is free, except for the content that is covered under the products section, which is paid. This can be used by teachers to show and teach small kids with the help of videos and other engaging stuff like puzzles. Also, there is a free signup that is available for anyone to register and explore the platform in depth. BabyTV is home to animated tutorials, training videos, quizzes, puzzles, games and lot more to help teachers and parents teach their kids. With BabyTV programmes parents can easily schedule their child’s learning by scheduling for new and exciting animated rhymes, stories, games and concepts which helps in easy and quick learning.

Walk-Through:- BabyTV is a very beautifully designed platform keeping in mind the kids’ engagement perspective. The home page has all the direct links that a parent or teacher may need to explore the resources on BabyTV such as Parents’ Section, Games, Videos, DVD’s,  Apps, Songs and all that’s new.  By switching to the learning center small kids can easily learn SHAPES, COLOURS, NUMBERS, ANIMALS and ABC alphabets in animated form with amazing engaging graphics, quizzes, Audio/Visual images & word highlighting. Mostly the content is story based animation and has been very gently created to help kids grasp easily and get engaged. Parents can also shop for the videos and lesson DVD’s from amazon. One of the great things about BabyTV is that, it’s not just an online platform but also a TV channel which can be viewed almost anywhere in the world being a part of FOX International Channels. A user can sign up for an account and can subscribe to the BabyTV Newsletters. BabyTV has a play center where they have amazing games with different characters and subjects for small kids to help them practice all learning and memorize new things.

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Prices:- Free

Our Review:- BabyTV is an amazing learning platform for teachers and parents to engage and increase their kid’s knowledge in a quick, easy and fun way. By having an easy to use UI, animated characters telling stories, lessons, games and puzzles, kids get more engaged and interested in studies and hence the learning is more productive and effective. With a variety of content and mediums of delivery, the FOX International Channels have created a very versatile platform for people who are searching for educational material for small kids who are ready to jump into the learning process and experience knowledge. This versatility in levels of knowledge at every step makes this platform a complete solution for parents to train their small kids and prepare them for the 21st Century Learning Environment. Access to BabyTV on TV sets in different languages and locations with proper schedules allows users to have ease of accessibility to the content at home and even helps the parents to sit with their kids and teach them. Additionally, it is also available in the form of videos for purchase which can be viewed anytime; alongside, there are iDevice apps for rhymes and stories available on iTunes. It’s a great platform for parental teaching and a great aid for teachers.

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