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Description:- Indiaexams is an educational website which helps students prepare for various Indian entrance exams such as engineering, medical, UPSC and more by providing them with exam related information and study material with online tutorials and
practice tests all in a single comprehensive package. It also offers its services to parents, schools, colleges and tutors.

Pain Point/ Need:-

Test Prep
Student Assessment
Classroom Management
Online Courses, Digital Content & News

Platform:- Web

Usability:- With an increase in student population and career opportunities the number of entrance exams are on a high rise. Numerous students, all around the year prepare for entrances to take up their desired careers. Hence, there is a need of an all-inclusive solution which provides students with everything they need to know about the exams they are going to take along with the study material, mock tests and tutorials.

Indiaexams was developed as a solution. It aids students preparing for various entrance exams such as engineering entrances- KCET/COMEDK, BITSAT, AIEEE; medical entrances- AIPMT, MCI NEET, AFMC and UPSC exams- Civil/Forestservice exams by providing them with all the exam-related information such as important dates, registration process, syllabus, brochures, fee, etc. and study material like e-books, video/audio online tutorials, previous/model question papers, quizzes, etc. and also allows them to take free and unlimited mock tests as well as design their own tests to assess their own performance and strive to improve it.

Indiaexams can also be used by parents and provides schools with software for admission process, attendance management, exam management and the ability to conduct sample tests and generate question papers. Colleges/Tutors can have the same software as schools along with student/faculty management and online preparation for science students. Even corporates can avail its benefits to get customized eLearning/eTraining modules developed on order.

Walk-Through:- You need to register with your Email ID to create an account on Indiaexams whether you are a Student, Parent, Faculty, Tutor, School or College. After registration students can login and are taken to their profile page. Here they can select and view the exams for which they’d like to prepare and are offered with three main categories namely learning quizzes, performance quizzes and performance analysis.

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The purpose of learning quizzes is to help students learn new chapters and concepts with the help of the help of study material and quizzes. This can be done through three different methods; Subject-wise learning- through each subject of a chapter, Chapter-wise learning- with individual chapters of a subject and by solving previous question papers. The software randomly generates most-likely asked questions for the selected exam and provides answers along with explanations.

Performance quizzes allow students to take an unlimited number of sample tests on each subject. They can choose the number of questions based on time availability and check their subject-wise proficiency. A test report is auto-generated and its copy is emailed to the student, parents and teacher. Students can also create their own quizzes by choosing from a vast database of questions.

In performance analysis, the performance of the student is analyzed by the software and a subject-wise or an overall performance report is generated. A special success meter indicates the level of achievement and tabular reports are generated which give details such as number of tests taken, correct/incorrect/unattempted questions, percentage and time taken. Graphical representations of performance with pie and bar charts are also provided. This allows students to assess their own performance and realize their shortcomings.

The homepage of the website also provides services for quick navigation, translation, helplines, site search, and social media connect. The site also has an e-book support facility, using which you can browse through a number of online books, an audio-visual playback which allows students to take an exam any number of times they want.


Free version- 4 hours of free trial
Paid Version- Starting at INR 2500/-

Our Review:- Indiaexams is a complete package for students and career aspirants to get all the guidanceto prepare for various Indian entrance exams. With its vast expanse of database consisting of exam information, study material, questions and quizzes, there is no end to learning and very little probability of repetition of questions occurring in sample tests.

It is an affordable solution for remote learners and those who cannot afford to spend too much money on books, brochures, question papers and other resources for exam preparation. The best part is that the site can be conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere and through any device or browser. The content of this site is constantly developed to accommodate scope for improvement and more information.

Features such as the ability to develop own quizzes to widen understanding, recognize and work on your own shortcomings; performance analysis through tables, graphs, charts and a special success meter to reflect self-performance in detail, distinguishes Indiaexams from any other website for exam preparation and reference.

In future, the team plans to introduce resources for campus interviews, MBA/MCA entrance, Banking, Railways, and international exams like GRE, GMAT and many more.

We recommend Indiaexams to all the aspiring students, parents, educational organizations and tutors to benefit from its bountiful services and wish them luck with their careers.

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