Education Data Intelligence: New Horizon for Leadership and Providers

Education Data Intelligence: New Horizon for Leadership and Providers

One of the leading topics in education, around the world, centers on education data and intelligence. We decided to bring together two preeminent voices from different perspectives to investigate how education data can successfully transform and support students and teachers with the support of leadership and the community at-large.

Erin O'Hara, the Assistant Commissioner for Data and Research at the Tennessee Department of Education, joined Marty Reed the CEO and Founder of RANDA Solutions for an in-depth look at education data. RANDA Solutions is an education technology firm based in Nashville, Tennessee specializing in education data.

Marty and Erin give a behind-the-scenes look at the construction of thoughtful education data plans, the hurdles and inclusion of multiple stakeholders in the conversation and discuss the role of the Data Quality Campaign in state's efforts to integrate data in schools. Erin provides a historical look at how Tennessee has emerged as a leading voice in how to properly structure, implement and train educators and district leaders in the nuances of data collection, reporting and integration for long term success. I think you'll find the inter-play between the guests quite informative and transparent. Education leaders all over the world are looking for the "right" way to integrate data into their everyday practices in an transparent and informative manner. The Core hopes you walk away from the interview with a new and deepened sense of what education data truly is and its power of application when constructed thoughtfully.



You can also check our interview with ISTE CEO Brian Lewis Talks EdTech in which she talks about  

Role organizations like ISTE play in the ongoing development of educators using technology. Lewis also touched on the efforts ISTE is tackling to connect various regions of the world with standards and protocol for successful integration of technology in classrooms.

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